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Seeking the Shore  (Book 2 of the series)


The Heart Tide Series is composed of two books. Book 1, "Watching the Water" is a cliff-hanger; read more about Book 1 HERE.   The series concludes with "Seeking the Shore". Neither is a stand-alone book. 

"Seeking the Shore,"  by author Donna G. Morton is Book 2 in the "Heart Tide" series. It is the series conclusion, and released October 2017. "Watching the Water" is Book 1 of the series, and was released November 2016. Historical Fiction/Romance. Both books are available in paperback and ebook.

After reading "Watching the Water," have you been anxiously awaiting to see what happened to Julianna? Did Leyton the Satan get his due? You can find out now! Book 2 of the Heart Tide series, "Seeking the Shore" has been released nationally and can be purchased HERE.


As the summer of 1934 fades away, Julianna McAllister has every reason to believe she’s lost the great love of her life, Jace McAllister. She had been a rogue wave when they first met, resisting a shore where her wealthy family’s expectations weighted her down like heavy sand. The worst weight was a finance’ named Leyton, who was driven to the shore by strong currents of greed. Like a tide that carried her to a better land, Jace helped her navigate away from that shore---until a staggering secret from his past collided with Leyton’s determination to reclaim and possess her in hopes of controlling her family’s wealth. The devastating outcome now finds Julianna forced to return to the world she had escaped, only now she’s accompanied by grief as she accepts Leyton’s triumph. But does she really accept it? She predicts he’ll one day fall and plans to patiently ride out the waves---until one she never anticipated crashes in, forcing her to reconsider how she charts her existence with a man whose name rhymes with Satan. All she wants is a safe and solid shore on which to freely build a new and peaceful life, but two more unexpected waves are ahead, one with the power to destroy and one with the power to restore. Uninterrupted, waves always head for the shore to which they’re destined. When these two waves meet and rise up, only one can overtake the other.

Heart Tide Book Series by Donna Morton

 Donna Gentry Morton is being referred to as the author from Ducktown who writes with a parrot on each shoulder. She does have two parrots, two shoulders, and now ... two books!

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The Heart Tide Series

Book 1 "Watching the Water," released November 2016. 


ISBN 978-1-937084-48-6 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-937084-49-3 (eBook)

Family Saga/Historical Fiction/Romance

6 x 9, 300 pages

Publication date: November 22, 2016

Book 2 “Seeking the Shore,” released October 2017.

ISBN-10: 1945448024

ISBN-13: 978-1945448027

Family Saga/Historical Fiction/Romance

6 x 9, 300 pages

Publication date: October 1, 2017

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