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Romance Week -- What's in Your Library of Love?

It's Romance Week at Goodreads! Who is your favorite couple from literature and why? Mine is Jane and Rochester from Jane Eyre because she's an independent young woman who doesn't let this flawed man get away with anything, despite her passion for him. He falls madly in love with her and tames his ways, but there's baggage -- like his secret, violently crazy wife living in the attic. Dang! But in the end, Jane starts the last chapter with "Reader, I married him." <3

Who is your favorite couple and why? Comment below and let's see who lives in your Library of Love! Also, in celebration of Romance Week, my publisher (BQB/WriteLife), distributor (IPG) and I invite you to enter to win a copy of "Watching the Water" at Goodreads. Enter now through Valentine's Day. #RomanceWeek

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